This app

was created with ShinyApps, using data from European Social Survey

Value indices are based on Schwartz theory of basic values. They were computed following ESS EduNet instructions, and weighted with post-stratification weight pspweight.

Data on Russia in round 7 are taken from ESS website section “Related studies” and Russia round 9 from CESSI website. Instead of poststratification weight in all Russian respondents were assigned 1.


Either of the ways is functional.

The app is published here:

(Slow) mirror is here:

To run it locally, type in the RStudio console: shiny::runGitHub("ShinyValues", "maksimrudnev")

Issues and problems

The tool is purely exploratory, don’t forget about cross-country comparability and measurement invariance problems.

Report any issues, visit my website and send me messages to maksim dot rudnev at


R and Shiny codes are available at

Help with translation

If you are willing to participate in translating of the app to your language, please, download the translation file translation_elements.txt, edit it with a spreadsheet editor (like MS Excel) by adding a column with your language. Return it to me by email maksim dot rudnev at or at the Issues section of its github repository.

Packages used

The following R packages were used and required to run app:

  • shiny
  • ggplot2
  • ggrepel
  • reshape2